How to Bicycle Kick in FIFA 2023


The bicycle kick, a breathtaking display of skill and daring, has captivated soccer enthusiasts for generations. In FIFA 23, achieving the perfect bicycle kick is more within reach than ever before. This comprehensive guide will navigate you through the intricacies of executing this exhilarating maneuver, not only in the latest edition of the game but also in its predecessors, FIFA 22 and FIFA 21. Additionally, we’ll delve into transforming a corner kick into a sensational bicycle kick, ensuring your gaming encounters are genuinely awe-inspiring.

Performing a Bicycle Kick in FIFA 23

The artistry of executing a bicycle kick in FIFA 23 necessitates a keen sense of timing, precision, and a profound familiarity with the controls. To seamlessly perform this gravity-defying move, follow these steps:

Strategic Positioning: Ensuring your player is optimally positioned to initiate the bicycle kick is paramount. Plant yourself squarely in front of the ball as it approaches.

The Dance of Timing: Exercise patience as you wait for the ball to ascend to the ideal height. A misjudgment of timing—either premature or belated—can jeopardize your attempt.

The Button Ballet: In the crucial moments preceding the ball’s arrival, synchronously press the “Shoot” button (Circle on PlayStation or B on Xbox) along with the “Shoot Modifier” button (L2 on PlayStation or LT on Xbox). This harmonious combination will set the bicycle kick animation into motion.

Direction and Determination: Wield the left stick to guide your shot toward the goal. Gauge the demand and intensity meticulously, factoring in the positioning of the goalkeeper and defensive line.

Resurrecting the Bicycle Kick in FIFA 22: A Concise Recap

For those still immersed in FIFA 22, be assured—the finesse of mastering the bicycle kick remains undiminished:

A Familiar Choreography: The mechanics underlying the execution of a bicycle kick mirror those of FIFA 23. Precise positioning and impeccable timing are constants.

Button Harmony: Utilize the identical button fusion—the “Shoot” button in conjunction with the “Shoot Modifier” button—to herald the animation of the bicycle kick.

Unleashing the Bicycle Kick’s Potential from a Corner in FIFA 23

Transmuting a corner kick into a bicycle kick is a game-altering feat. The following blueprint unravels the process:

The Corner Canvas: Opt for an in-swinging corner (curving toward the goal). Set your sights on the far post, a vantage point primed for the spectacle of a bicycle kick.

Player Prowess Selection: Shift your focus to the player positioned proximate to the far post. Prioritize a player equipped with respectable heading and kicking attributes.

The Art of Positioning: As the ball commences its trajectory, maneuver your player into position for the impending bicycle kick. A slightly diagonal orientation toward the goal optimizes control over the impending shot.

Harmonizing the Kick: As previously mentioned, the meticulous orchestration of timing remains central—engage the “Shoot” button and the “Shoot Modifier” button to unshackle the bicycle kick’s potency.

Bicycle Kick Enchantment in FIFA 21

For fans of FIFA 21, the following abridged guideline awaits you:

Consistency in Commands: The command schema for actualizing a bicycle kick in FIFA 21 mirrors its successors, FIFA 22 and 23.

The Timecraft of Precision: The elemental essence of timing remains a lynchpin. Halt until the ball soars to its optimal altitude before instigating the maneuver.



The realm of FIFA, with its meticulously crafted digital domains, now embraces the majesty of the bicycle kick in its various iterations. Mastering this spectacle in FIFA 23, FIFA 22, and FIFA 21 beckons an exhilarating crescendo to your gameplay symphony. Whether the stage is set amidst open play or hinged on the transformation of a corner, the euphoria of netting an acrobatic goal stands unparalleled. An adage holds—practice perfects prowess—so embark upon training endeavors to refine your skills. Embrace the euphoria of the bicycle kick as it propels your FIFA odyssey to unprecedented pinnacles.


1. What is a bicycle kick in FIFA?

A bicycle kick, often called an overhead kick or scissor kick, is a dynamic soccer move where a player, while airborne, kicks the ball with their back to the goal, sending it toward the net. It’s a visually striking maneuver that can result in spectacular goals.

2. How do you perform a bicycle kick in FIFA 23?

To execute a bicycle kick in FIFA 23:


Ensure your player is positioned correctly in front of the ball.

Time your jump and kick perfectly as the ball reaches the right height.

Press the “Shoot” button (Circle on PlayStation or B on Xbox) and the “Shoot Modifier” button (L2 on PlayStation or LT on Xbox) simultaneously just before the ball reaches your player.

Use the left stick to guide the shot’s direction and power.

3. Is performing a bicycle kick the same in FIFA 22 and FIFA 23?

Yes, the bicycle kick mechanics are quite similar in FIFA 22 and FIFA 23. The positioning, timing, and button combination remain consistent.

4. Can you score a bicycle kick from a corner in FIFA 23?

Absolutely. To score a bicycle kick from a corner in FIFA 23:

Choose an in-swinging corner that curves toward the goal.

Aim for the far post and position a player with good heading and kicking attributes.

As the ball approaches, position your player diagonally towards the goal.

Use the “Shoot” and “Shoot Modifier” buttons simultaneously to execute the bicycle kick.

5. How do you perform a bicycle kick in FIFA 21?

To perform a bicycle kick in FIFA 21:

Ensure your player is well-positioned in front of the ball.

Time your jump and kick accurately as the ball reaches the right height.

Press the “Shoot” button and “Shoot Modifier” button together.

Use the left stick to guide the shot’s direction and power.

6. Are bicycle kicks effective in scoring goals in FIFA games?

Bicycle kicks can be highly effective for scoring goals in FIFA games, especially when executed correctly. However, they are challenging moves that require precise timing and positioning. When successful, they often result in spectacular goals that can surprise goalkeepers and defenders.

7. Can any player perform a bicycle kick in FIFA?

While most players can attempt a bicycle kick, the success rate varies based on the player’s attributes. Players with high agility, acrobatics, and shooting stats are likelier to execute successful bicycle kicks. Players with better skill levels will also easily control the shot’s direction and power.

8. Is practicing bicycle kicks important in FIFA games?

Absolutely. Like any skill in FIFA games, practicing bicycle kicks is crucial to mastering them. Head to the practice arena or engage in skill games to refine your timing, positioning, and control when attempting bicycle kicks.

9. Are there any risks to attempting a bicycle kick in FIFA?

While bicycle kicks can lead to impressive goals, they also come with risks. Poor timing or positioning can result in missed opportunities or even turnovers. Additionally, if the opposing team gains possession after a missed bicycle kick, your team might be vulnerable in defense.

10. Can the AI-controlled players perform bicycle kicks in FIFA games?

Yes, AI-controlled players can attempt bicycle kicks in FIFA games. However, the AI’s success depends on the player’s attributes and the game’s difficulty level. AI players with better attributes are likelier to execute successful bicycle kicks in higher-difficulty settings.

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